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NACAC Conference- Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers

Reviewers of the NACAC National Conference are an integral part in the creation of the educational confent offered in Louisville. Interested candidates must apply to be a reviewer and identify three areas of expertise that will guide the proposals that will be assigned.

Reviewers will:

  • Read and review 25-35 proposals in the areas of self-identified expertise
  • Make a yes or no decision on each session
  • Provide comments for each proposal to support their decision
  • Have a month to complete this process

 The call for reviewers is now closed. Accepted reviewers will receive their assignments on or before January 21.

The deadline to complete reviews is Tuesday, February 19 at 11:59 PM ET.


Tips for Reviewers

Reviewing NACAC National Conference proposals can be overwhelming as there are often many session proposals covering the same topics. When reviewing, please keep the following criteria in mind.

  • This content is new, innovative, timely and relevant to the work that the conference attendees do.
  • The speakers represent a variety of genders, years of experience, race and ethnicity, regions throughout the US and Internationally
  • This content has not been presented frequently at other professional conferences
  • If this session is submitted by a vendor or company, that the content is useful to all audiences. For example, attendees would be able to learn something without buying their product.


Popular Questions from Reviewers

1. Why are the only options yes/no. I want a maybe!
In the past, reviews that provided scales or "maybe" hindered the averages and were not helpful in differentiating the good from the bad sessions.

2. I like the session, but think it needs different speakers. Do I mark yes or no?
By marking yes, you indicate that you like the session as-is. If you think that the session is missing something - most importantly needs different speakers - please mark "no" and in the comments include what you would have liked to see that would inhance the overall session experience.

3. What should I write in my comments?
Reasons that made your decision. Can also include changes, suggestions.

4. I think this session should be in a different format. How do I go about suggesting it?
Indicate "yes" in your session review and in the comments indicate format the session should take. By indicating yes, you like the session and the presenters enough for it to run, but think it might be better in another format.

5. Do the session organizers see our comments?
No. Session organizers may request reasons why their session was denied, but will not receive a listing of what individuals said.

6. Can I review more than 35 sessions?
We thought you'd never ask. Please email Kelly Ferrante, to add on some more sessions to review.

7. What are the session options?

  • Educational Session - Traditional Format - 75 minutes, 5 speakers max
  • Learning Lounge - 30 minutes - 2 speakers max
  • Tech Lab - meant for best practices in technology - 45 minutes, 2 speakers max
  • Global Hub - sessions based on Global Education - 60 minutes, 3 speakers max
  • Career Hub - sessions based on career and personal professional development, should not be admission or counseling related, - 60 minutes, 3 speakers max
  • Poster Session - Gallery style, research sharing, perfect opportunity for graduate or professional degree students.
  • Ignite Sessions

8. What should I be looking for and what makes a good proposal?

  • Sessions that would benefit the professional community, innovative or different content that you haven't seen - if it has been presented at many affilaite or professional conferences it may not be considered "new" - additionally, does it challenge our audience.
  • Diverse representation of presenters - who they are, where they are from, what types of professional backgrounds they represent,
  • Something that is complete - named presenters without using TBD, Complete thoughts in the description
  • Will this session fill the time requested? 75 minutes is a long time, do they have enough to say?
  • Sessions that imply the need for audience participation or open discussion - what happens if noone wants to raise their hand and participate? Will this whole session fold?
  • Something that you would want to go to, and don't be afraid to say that!